EmulPROM is a gadgets pack intended to supplant customary PROM contributes DAR sheets. It comprises of two interconnected sheets. In the first place board contains all hardware while second one (called SoPROM) is exchangeable which makes EmulPROM perfect with all DAR sheets (DAR1, DAR2, DAR3 and DAR4). EmulPROM is anything but difficult to introduce and doesn't require any exceptional support. Information put away there can downloaded by means of USB from any PC/workstation with the assistance of EmulPROM programming.

EasyPIC PRO™ v7 Development System

EasyPIC PRO™ v7 is a full-included advancement board for high stick tally 8-bit PIC® microntrollers. It contains numerous on-board modules vital for advancement assortment of utilizations, including designs, Ethernet, USB, Temperature estimation and other. On-board mikroProg™ software engineer and debugger bolsters more than 155 PIC® microcontrollers. Board is conveyed with MCU attachment containing PIC18F87K22 microntroller.

3G Trackimo Car/Marine GPS Tracker

Trackimo® is a keen, GPS-GSM minor gadget enabling you to discover and track your valuable things continuously, consequently alarming when detecting trouble signals surpassing pace settings, leaving or entering a fenced zone. Trackimo's area is available through any PC or cell phone from any spot on the planet. With extraordinary Revolutionary GPS/GSM/Wi-Fi/BT Hybrid following, Trackimo utilize 4 distinct advances to precisely Locate anything Worldwide. GPS using Global Positioning Satellite innovation to find open air inside 30-150 feet (10-50 meters) precision. Wi-Fi is utilized for indoor following and BluTooth for the last 10-60 feet (3-20 meters).