Shoei introduce new 2021 headgear designs

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The modular head video game has become broken over the last few years. Is it exactly telling you simply? Of course, Shoei unveil new of course, like the game of every week of Backgammon in the house of the old members, the type of modular headgear is now extremely in competition, without the 'Appearance of head covers for, nicely, old people. Shoei is a leader of modular industry since the largest, using NEOTEC and after this leading income Néotec 2 over the last ten years. It is a high class headgear, if the head could be considered as such. Neotec works on the shoei-distinguishing matrix layer of a few-stylish polystyrene polystyrene stinks and straps with multiple-level players with integrated insulating noises to decrease the wind and normal noises. . The layer operates on the second airflow absorption situation with new exhaust extractors, new exhaust extractors, better cooling only on the previous Neotec, using the shape that obviously follows simplified contours of RF1200. itinerant. NEOTEC 2 runs a color drop inside the Defense, but it is not yet in place to operate the zoom lens of the Shoei CNS-2 Shoei modular helmets at modularhelmets transition. Nevertheless, it is nevertheless capable of exploiting the Bluetooth sales and wireless marketing communication program, SRL SRL phone calls Hyperlink Shoei Riders. This type of wireless Bluetooth program has become made around Neotec 2 and is easily combined with the appearance of lower level with the layer. The US-NEOTEC 2 stimpotted rubber-rubber-rubber is accessible in a variety of XS-XXL colors and sizes using the 4 NEOTEC layer sizes. The price starts at Money699 for colors and Money799 for metal and multiple shades. The SENA SRL program sells alone for Money299 as Sena.

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